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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Subliminal FAQs

Q: What does “subliminal” mean?
A: Simply put, “subliminal” refers to perception below the threshold of conscious awareness. You might compare it to peripheral vision; although you don’t see something that is outside your field of vision, you are aware of it. With these programs, you don’t consciously hear the subliminally recorded suggestions, your subconscious mind does, and responds accordingly.

Q: What are “affirmations”?

A: Affirmations are generally short, positive statements, spoken either in first person (I am relaxed) or second person (You are relaxed). In a relaxed state, your subconscious mind is most receptive to these positive messages. Remember: you choose what you listen to, so you are always in control. A list of affirmations is included in every booklet.

Q: Why use subliminal sound technology?
A: Because it works! By addressing the subconscious mind directly, change can happen quicker. That’s why so many Olympic athletes, CEOs and high achievers use these programs. However, not all subliminal recordings are created equal, nor are they equally effective! My SoundWave2000™ series has a proven track record of over 25 years of satisfied (sometimes amazed) individuals.

Q: Why can’t I get the same effect by listening to words I can actually hear?
A: Because your conscious, analytical mind will usually resist making changes or accepting your goal as “true.” Your subconscious mind, however takes things literally, and accepts and brings into reality any suggestion that is presented to it.

Q: Are there other advantages of subliminal programs?

A: Yes, because all you hear is the music, you can talk or work without being distracted by affirmations you could hear.

Q: Why aren’t subliminals more popular?

A: Many CEOs and successful individuals don’t want to share their "secret competitive edge" with rivals. A second reason is media dis-information. Perhaps you read about the use of subliminal ads in movie theaters in the 1950’s to sell more popcorn and Coke®. Guess who wouldn’t want you to think they are effective? A third reason is that subliminal self-help audio programs got a bad rap is because some companies — who are no longer in business — produced inferior recordings with ineffective scripts, distorted, cheesy and annoying music that kept you out of the receptive brain state. Some didn’t even have subliminal messages at all. (It is rumored that this company was actually set-up as a fraud, to discredit the field.)

Q: Why use Inner Peace Music instead of classical or other instrumental music?
A: Because my music puts you into the right alpha brainwave state for optimum receptivity and successful outcome. It’s not distracting like most “foreground” music; in fact, it often becomes transparent. Plus, you don’t get familiar and bored with the non-predictive ambience of my compositions, so you can listen for years to come. I could never be out of integrity on this important point. It would be self-defeating, and bad karma.

Q: How can I get the most benefit from my audio program?
A: Listen at least once a day for the first 30 days, as you go about your daily activities, or even while sleeping.

Q: Do other Inner Peace CDs have subliminals?
A: No. Only our SoundWave2000 series includes subliminal affirmations.

Q: How will I know if a program is working?
A: With many programs, you’ll notice a positive effect within moments. For instance, if your breathing becomes deeper and slower within one minute of playing EFFORTLESS RELAXATION—it’s working! If you don’t hear the end of the SLEEP SOUNDLY program—it’s working! If unexpected ideas just “happen” to pop into your mind while listening to ENHANCING CREATIVITY—it’s working! Other titles will require a longer time to manifest results. This would be expected with ACCELERATED LEARNING, ENHANCING SELF-HEALING, and IDEAL WEIGHT, for example.

Q: Do the subliminal healing and learning CDs healing  work for autistic children, or others, who might not be motivated/able to cooperate?
 A: In my experience, with my  recordings, YES!  I cannot say for other  companies. For example: I actually met several families with  autistic children when I presented my work at a conference on New Dimensions of Education the organizer, Kim Beville, shared many stories of  amazing success. One child  ceased throwing a tantrum within seconds of  the music being played.  I was introduced to the child as "This is the man who plays that nice music that makes you feel so good."
I was also told of many students whose  attitude as well as test scores improved greatly.  One boy was thrilled that he was now able to read an entire paragraph of text. Before, he'd begin fidgetting after one sentence and then was unable to focus or continue. Not only did that happen in class, but continued at home.
I've had wives write to tell me that when she played the DRVING subliminal, without telling her husband, he was relaxed and did not  complain, as he usually does, on their 5 hour drive to lake Tahoe.
Q: It seems like the subliminal CDs take less, or even no, effort from the individual than hypnosis or meditation, is that right? 
Q: It seems like meditation or hypnosis would be more effective, because you’re putting forth an effort; but it sounds as if your saying that the subliminal CD in the background, without active  participation or even awareness, is effective… Is that right?
A: It's not  easy to compare, ie...more effective than...without knowing WHICH form of meditation or hypnosis.  Hypnosis with a therapist, or a CD?  Some people work best with subliminals. Some may not.  For ME, it's not a matter of putting forth effort, but rather, does the information access the subconscious mind, which is where real change occurs.  With conscious participation, you also often engage 'conscious resistance.'
Q: Do the subliminal CDs work for rebellious teens and  young adults?
A: YES. I know this from first hand experience in  1986!
Q: Are the subliminal CDs effective in stop smoking,  drinking, and drug addiction?
A: Yes, but they are typically not sufficient in  and of themselves. These addictions are best dealt with with  a  combination of nutrition, exercise, talk therapy as WELL as the subliminal  support.
Q: Does the subliminal healing work on animals (dogs, cats, horses)?
A: I don't have any data on this. I DO have data and numerous  letters from folks whose dogs and cats and birds LOVE the music.

Q:  Will your subliminal audio programs still work for me if English is not my native language?
A: In my forthcoming book, I devote an entire chapter to subliminal communication, and address the effectiveness of subliminal programs in languages other than one's native language.
There is very little research in the literature on this point. My direct, personal experience, however, includes several very impressive case histories that demonstrated a very clear and demonstrable effect.

I believe that a 'field effect' of intention is an important factor that has been completely ignored by most other researchers. If you understand the importance of this factor, then the entire concept of subliminal audio programs -in any language- makes much more sense.
Summary:  Around 1991, I was hired to produce a series of programs in languages that I do not speak, including German, French and Czech. I worked with spoken affirmations in each language spoken by a native speaker.
Each master tape was labeled as to the topic, i.e., Relaxation, Massage, Learning, Sleep, etc.
Things were proceeding smoothly until we worked on the Czech programs.  I should mention that I was provided with a printed list of the affirmations in each language. However,the Czech language did not use English letters, and was completely unintelligible to me and my engineer.
At one point during a fifteen minute song as we were recording the "Massage" program, I dozed off and fell off the piano bench.  A few minutes later, my engineer stopped the recording because he 'forgot to put the machine into record.' (This had never happened before.) We figured something was causing this to happen.
When we compared the length of spoken affirmations with the length of written words, it was obvious that the master tape was mislabeled. We finally deduced that we were using the SLEEP affirmations while thinking we were working with MASSAGE affirmations.
SO:  Even though we did NOT understand the language, and even though we thought we were working on a different topic, thus providing a pretty good 'double blind' experiment and accounting for any placebo effect, both myself and my recording engineer were affected.
There are many other such cases that I know of. My perspective is that if the affirmations are correctly scripted, and the music is appropriate, there can certainly be a cross-cultural effect.  Obviously, I know it works with my programs. I cannot say so about other producers, because there is so much variety in quality from different companies.
Can I state how much more effective a program in one's native language would be? No. But given the options, if you don't have a program in your native language, it's certainly worth a try to try a program in your 'second language, or even one you do not speak.

I welcome feedback about your experiences so that we may all learn more about this important field.