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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Return and exchange policy

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We accept returns of physical items (CDs) within 30 days of the date you received your order for an exchange or refund, not including shipping charges. As a courtesy, even if you did not purchase a CD directly from us, we will exhange that CD for another (shipping charges apply). We're sure you can appreciate that if payment was made to another company, we cannot refund your purchase price.

MP3 files (downloads) are not refundable. Our high quality samples are three times longer than the industry standard. You'll have plenty of time to get an accurate sense of each selection. Most entire albums are available at a significant discount compared to the individual track charges.

CDs are guaranteed against mechanical difficulties, but not against damage due to heat, dirt, or negligence. Please check the backs of your CDs before thinking they are defective. CD backs must be cleaned periodically in order to play properly. Please do not return dirty CDs to us for replacement— simply clean with water and a soft cloth to remove any spots or smudges that prevent the laser on your CD player from "reading" the CD.

Please send returns or exchanges by mail to:
Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music
PO Box 3538
Ashland, OR 97520

Enclose either a copy of the invoice that came with your order or a note with your name and address, and state whether you would like a refund or exchange. We process all returns within 48 hours of receipt.