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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Steven's Birthday Concert

Track 1. Intro

Track 2. When I listen to this song, I can feel my heart chakra physically as well as metaphysically expanding. This is the first track from DEEP ALPHA, my GRAMMY®-nominated album. The 8 Hz brainwave entrainment instantly helps us all synchronize our brainwaves with the fundamental harmonic of the earth itself....

Click on the musical notes to listen to samples:

Track Title Time Price  
Intro 1:19    
Deep Alpha 8 Hz (part 3) 5:40    
Om Zone 2.0 - 1 6:12    
Paradigm Shift 7:35    
Pyramid Power 3:44    
Amazing Grace 8:15    
Deep Theta 4 Hz (part 1) 5:19    
Mid-Eastern Peace 5:12    
Deep Theta 4 Hz (Part 14) 5:36