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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

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Meditation and Healing

 Each of my first albums represented new opportunities to evolve in my unfoldment as a musician and as a channel for the music. In every album project, magic moments occurred in the recording studio, and were documented on the tape.  

STARBORN SUITE began  I was invited to London in 1977 to be the first American musician featured at the inaugural Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit. I met England's leading psychic healer, Rose Gladden, had an immediate rapport, and was invited to compose a soundtrack for her guided healing meditations. When I came home, a new affordable synthesizer had just come on the market. I had long desired  the expanded sonic pallette of sustained violins, cellos and choir, and now I had the instrument. ...

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Track Title Time Price  
01 Starborn Suite (part 1) 4:52 $0.88
02 Starborn Suite (part 2) 2:58 $0.88
03 Starborn Suite (part 3) 11:59 $1.76
04 Acknowledgement 4:37 $0.88
05 Sanctuary 9:58 $0.88
06 Resolution 4:03 $0.88