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Steven Halpern at Rhodes


with Helene Rothschild

Guided Imagery and Music

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This CD features high vibrational tones and the Universal Language of the Light channeled from these loving angelic beings through Helene Rothschild. The keyboard meditations by Steven Halpern were spontaneously composed and recorded within the same field of celestial energies.

Although an untrained singer, the beautiful, cosmic, healing sounds that come through Helene’s voice can produce instantaneous shifts on many levels. The tones can help you deeply relax, sleep well, and assist your body in manifesting higher levels of well-being and healing....

Click on the musical notes to listen to samples:

Track Title Time Price  
01 Opening the Heart 7:17 $0.88
02 Healing the Soul 4:20 $0.88
03 Divine Connection 4:33 $0.88
04 Love and Joy 4:46 $0.88
05 Living Your Truth 6:29 $0.88
06 Celebration 2:26 $0.88
07 Nurturing Affirmations 6:09 $0.88
08 Loving Yourself Affirmations 7:48 $0.88
09 Nurturing Affirmations - Soft Voice 6:09 $0.88
10 Loving Yourself Affirmations - Soft Voice 7:42 $0.88