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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Music for Mindfulness

 Silence and the Space Between the Notes

I’ve been composing mindful meditation music for over 45 years. When I’m in the recording studio, I let go of the need to control the trajectory of the music. I open myself up and am able to listen mindfully…into the space between the notes, and into the gap between thoughts. 

As I attune to this place of deep peace, the music flows through me, of its own accord.  I never know what’s coming next, and neither will you. (That’s part of the secret that makes these compositions so effective.)

Benefits of Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness™

Whether you’re a musically trained individual or just a casual listener, you’ve all been culturally conditioned to respond to familiar and recognizable patterns of melody and chords, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Unconsciously, you analyze where the music is going in the future. That anticipation response contributes to the pleasure you get from pop or classical music. But it’s precisely this paralysis of analysis that keeps you in a state of stress, always waiting for the next beat or note to come.

The music on this album, on the other hand, allows you to truly be in the present moment. Meditation teachers throughout the ages have always taught that it’s only in the present moment that you can truly be at peace. (You can’t relax in the future; you can only relax in the Now. Likewise, you can only meditate in the hear and now of the present moment as well.)

Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness™ allows you to harness the innate healing energies of your body, mind and spirit. Several tracks include the same alpha and theta Aural-Sync™ brainwave entrainment tones I listened to in my headphones as I spontaneously composed these songs.

My short, popular “Scalus Interruptus” video demonstrates why traditional classical music is inherently inappropriate, for most people, who are seeking moments of mindfulness. 

You can view it here: “Scalus Interruptus” 

Please also enjoy the video to my first track on this album “Oceans of Mindfulness”

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Music for Meditation

“Mindful Piano goes beyond mere entertainment. It harnesses the primordial power of music to help us shift our attention into mindful awareness of the present moment.” — Leading Edge...

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