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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

IPM: 2003

UPC: 0-9379120032-2


Remastered + Bonus Tracks

Relaxing Music and Subliminal Affirmations

CD: $14.98
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You learn best when you're relaxed. Create the optimal sound environment for learning in which you retain and recall information more effectively. The music becomes transparent and non-distracting as it orchestrates whole brain learning.

Recommended for students of all ages, including ADD/ADHD.

For a full list of affirmations used on this CD, please refer to the liner notes which can be found by clicking on the link above....

Click on the musical notes to listen to samples:

Track Title Time Price  
01 Accelerating Learning I (with subliminal suggestions) 2:52 $0.88
02 Accelerating Learning II (with subliminal suggestions) 3:57 $0.88
03 Accelerating Learning III (with subliminal suggestions) 7:57 $0.88
04 Accelerating Learning IV (with subliminal suggestions) 6:38 $0.88
05 Accelerating Learning V (with subliminal suggestions) 5:57 $0.88
06 Accelerating Learning VI (with subliminal suggestions) 5:10 $0.88
07 Accelerating Learning VII (with subliminal suggestions) 3:42 $0.88
08 Accelerating Learning VIII (with subliminal suggestions) 4:30 $0.88
09 Accelerating Learning IX (with subliminal suggestions) 12:57 $2.49
10 Accelerating Learning X (with subliminal suggestions) 4:49 $0.88
11 Accelerating Learning XI (with subliminal suggestions) 12:41 $2.49
12 Accelerating Learning XII (with subliminal suggestions) 4:05 $0.88

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