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Steven Halpern at Rhodes


Q. Why is it essential to reduce our stress and experience deep relaxation on a daily basis?
A. According to leading health experts, stress is a causative or contributing factor  in over 85\% of disease and illness. Conditions like ulcers, migraine, heart attack, poor immune system function, frequent illness, gaining weight and difficulty sleeping are all symptoms of excess stress.
Q. Why should relaxing music be in your 'sound medicine' cabinet/library?
A. Because it works,  effectively, enjoyably and immediately! But only if you use the right music. When you reduce stress, you support and empower your body's innate intelligence and ability to heal itself.
In a state of relaxation, you reset your chronic stress level.  Your body is able to function at a higher level, and you experience higher levels of physical and spiritual health and well-being.
Q. Why doesn't 'regular' music work to reduce stress?
A. It wasn't intended to be. Most music is too fast, too 'busy', and unconsciously stressful.  See my video "Scalus Interruptus" on my channel: Youtube.com/StevenHalpernMusic for an eye-opening demo in less than a minute. Relaxation only happens in the present moment, in the Now, and that's the place my music takes you.
Q. Why is my Inner Peace music your best choice to relieve stress?
A. The music instantly evokes your natural 'relaxation response'. Within seconds, you are breathing more deeply and slowly. I have always composed with the intention of nurturing body, mind and spirit.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed; the music has an unrivalled track record of over 38 years, delivering the 'healing feeling' that people like you want and need.
Furthermore, landmark biofeedback research has proven my music to be more effective at reducing stress and enhancing relaxation than most classical or other familiar forms of music.