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Steven Halpern at Rhodes


Remastered + Bonus Tracks

Relaxation and Meditation

In October 1980, I was recording EVENTIDE, and had tapped into a new level of subtlety and serenity at the grand piano.  Some of my all-time favorites were recorded for this album.  On this night, however,  my engineer got a call with the shocking news of John Lennon's murder. There was no way to continue that session, so we began shutting down. Just then, I received guidance to play one more song, for John, who had called me a few weeks before when he heard me on WBAI in New York.  CLOSING CHORDS has not been heard other than on the first 1000 pressings, when some stores told me it was 'too heavy' and should be replaced. Which I did....

Click on the musical notes to listen to samples:

Track Title Time Price  
01 Brahms' Lullaby 3:50 $0.88
02 Eventide (part 1) 6:11 $0.88
03 Eventide (part 2) 6:06 $0.88
04 Closing Chords (for John Lennon) 5:29 $0.00
05 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2:11 $0.88
06 Echoes of an Enchanted Sunset 10:33 $0.88
07 Twilight Sonata 5:57 $0.88
08 Eventide (part 3) 8:27 $0.88
09 Eventide (part 4) 4:02 $0.88