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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

IPM: 8082



(On a Slide of Light)

40th Anniversary Remastered plus Bonus tracks

Deep Meditation and Healing

MP3: $8.88
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Using sound and music for healing, meditation and spiritual growth is a tradition that predates ‘recorded’ history. Many musicians from ancient Greece to modern times have described their creativity as often being received as a gift from their Muse, angels or spirit guides.

For me, It’s not always possible to know the source of the inspiration, but the ineffable energy feels quite different from my own energies. Ultimately, what really matters is how the music transmits healing energy, and how it feels to you. I have always chosen to let the music speak for itself, rather than let the discussion on the identity of my collaborators become a distraction. As you tune in to the first half of this album, I invite you to be open to ‘see the music and hear the colors’, as Greta suggests in her books....

Click on the musical notes to listen to samples:

Track Title Time Price  
01 On a Slide of Light (Eastern Peace) part 1 2:33 $0.88
02 On a Slide of Light (Eastern Peace) part 2 4:36 $0.88
03 Memories of Tomorrow 4:06 $0.88
04 Peace of Mind (part 6) 5:18 $0.88
05 Contemplation 4:17 $0.88
06 Harmonic Haiku 9:12 $0.88
07 Gaia's Garden 2:57 $0.88
08 Gaia's Choir 2:58 $0.88
09 Samadhi 3:10 $0.88
10 Moonlight on the Ganges 2:26 $0.88
11 Amrita 3:12 $0.88
12 Sakura 5:09 $0.88
13 Attunement 5:15 $0.88
14 Breath of Bamboo 2:42 $0.88
15 In the Hall of Records 3:43 $0.88