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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Next-Gen Music for Mindfulnesstm

Meditation and Healing

Now that "The Mindfulness Revolution" has graced TIME magazine, millions are interested in enjoying its many benefits: less stress, better sleep, greater inner peace.

One of the easiest ways is to tune into the present moment using music composed from a place of peace and meditative awareness.

When you listen to my Next-Gen Music for Mindfulness series, you'll be in the mindfulness zone, at the speed of sound!

Within seconds, your brainwaves shift into the deeper alpha and theta states. You feel relaxed and at peace.  It's like a natural spiritual high.

Listen to even a few moments of DEEP ALPHA, CHAKRA SUITE or MINDFUL PIANO, and I think you'll feel the difference.

Namaste, Steven Halpern
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