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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Next-Gen Brain Balancing Music for

MindfulnessMeditation and Healing

For over 40 years ago, a new form of brain-balancing music has helped millions to tune in to 'the present moment'...at the speed of sound.  

Are you interested in reducing your stress, enhancing your meditations,  enjoying optimal well-being and better sleep?   Welcome to my world.

One of the easiest ways is to tune into the present moment using music composed from a place of peace and meditative awareness.

Within seconds, your brainwaves shift into the deeper alpha and theta states. You feel relaxed and at peace.  It's like a natural spiritual high.

Listen to even a few moments of DEEP ALPHA, CHAKRA SUITE or MINDFUL PIANO, and I think you'll feel the difference.


Namaste, Steven Halpern

Learn more about Sound Healing here.
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