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Steven Halpern at Rhodes

Healing Music & Brainwave Entrainment =

Bio-Harmonic Sound Technologytm 

Music is the most ancient of the healing arts, but until 1975, no one had recorded and promoted an album composed with the express intention of creating an experience of healing, of meditation, and of inner peace for the listener.

Until I did. That was 40 years ago. The "Quiet Revolution" that I launched with CHAKRA SUITE has become an entire new genre, with many great and not-so-great artists.

Research shows that healing music is more than entertainment.
It is a holistic sound technology delivers 'sound health' and a natural spiritual high by entraining your brain to the blissful alpha and theta brainwaves.

Listen with attention and intention to feel your body, mind and spirit shift gears into 'the inner peace zone.'

I invite you to begin with my DEEP ALPHA, followed by CHAKRA SUITE, named 'the most influential New Age album of all time."

Read more on my Sound Healing Page.

Yours for brain fitness and inner peace,

Steven Halpern
 We invite you to begin your sound healing....read more.


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